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Inès, private nurse Between emergencies, night shifts and home visits, Inès’ schedule doesn’t leave her too much spare time. With the money Pascal, her husband makes, she could stop working if she wanted to. Since the couple move to the country side to escape from the city’s stessful life, routine has sunk in. Just like all young women her age, Inès needs regular sex to open up but since her husband doesn’t touch her anymore, she has to seduce other men to get what she wants. Her home visits are just an excuse to meet men who are ready to give her the pleasure she’s looking for. Whether with her regular lover, a young swingers’ couple or a rugby team in their locker room, Inès will discover sensations she had lost a long time ago. Inès’ colleagues are not the last ones to have some fun. Nikita and Alexa take advantage of their night shifts to take care of their patients while Anna, The Chief Doctor’s private assistant knows  what to do to relieve him from a long shift in the Emergency Room.

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    Very experienced women These experienced women love to fuck younger guys to show them what they're capable of.

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      Very experienced women These experienced women love to fuck younger guys to show them what they're capable of.

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            • Xillimité - Don't beat around the bush - Film Porno

              Don't beat around the bush


              These really hairy women are hornier than ever. Just leave them 5 minutes alone and they'll start touching, fingering, licking themselves. They do it everywhere, without taking care of what or who is around, just for the sake of reaching climax.

              Maeva Vidéo | 2008

              of N.C.

              with Amatrices


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