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The Dancer

6 Szenen 139 min.
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These delicious, sexy ballerinas on heat in their tutus are ready to do anything to succeed.... Truly anything!

Between bitter internal rivalries and twisted games, the world of classical dance has no mercy. Incredibly supple and brimming with desire, these magnificent dancers use all their talents to seduce virile men who can help them become the principal dancer.

Young Jessica has only just arrived for her audition and she is keen to seduce Peter, the handsome composer. She is more than happy to offer him her beautifully rounded buttocks to take her doggy style while she's biting the pillow.

To keep her privileges as principal dancer, Nathalie agrees to satisfy every last whim of James, the opera director. And she loves it, especially when it means she is ravaged by two men at the same time until her generous breasts are covered in sperm.

But the competition is fierce! The next day, when Dimitri is enjoying the orifices of two sex-starved beauties, James and his guest have another go with Nathalie's rival, a gorgeous blond. Oral sex, sodomy and double penetration... These two lustful trios are guaranteed to open your eyes! And the show has only just begun..


Studio: Marc Dorcel
Dauer: 139 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2013
Regie: Kendo


Szenen des Films

Szene 1
16 min.
Mit: Totti

Szene 2
2 min.

Szene 3
18 min.

Szene 5
17 min.

Szene 6
14 min.
Mit: Totti


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