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Pack 2 Films : Tiffany Hopkins

183 min.
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As she attempts to back up her thesis on the eminently sensuous work of a contemporary painter, the young LISA, gets to know THOMAS, the painter himself but especially an enthusiast of pretty girls. Troubled by the eroticism evoked by the canvases that she has just contemplated, she gives in to his advances and engages, in a nearby hotel, to a furious sexual joust. But out of pangs of guilt, she joins Paul, her real partner, and shows, one more time, the proof of her insatiable sexual appetite. However, obsessed by the intense moments that she had with Thomas, she joins the latter in his art studio. That's where CAROLE, Thomas' muse, pops up. Hidden in a wardrobe, poor Lisa can only watch, powerlessly, the passionate lovemaking of the young couple. Mulling over her frustration, she lets her libidinous fantasies wander, before diving back into her thesis. But the image of Thomas and Carole doesn't stop haunting her...

A Night at the Brothel: With an iron fist, MELANIE runs a high-end brothel whose residents, all girls from good families, but starved for pleasure, receive a "extensive" training in the art of cumming and making someone cum. Alas, to his protected body, the inspector HERVE received the order from his superior to carry out the closure of the establishment. But this closure wouldn't it be sponsored by a jealous competitor to Melanie's success? The guided tour of the "house" allows access to some very arousing lustful scenes: Under the advice of a "former resident", a beginner learns to stimulate a man by giving him visual and sonic proof of the pleasure he is taking, a new recruit receives his anal baptism and seems to appreciate the new sex act, overly aroused by the ambiance, the girls who aren't taken offer themselves without complex to the solitary pleasures and to lesbian games with their co-workers.


Studio: Marc Dorcel
Duration 183 min.
Audio :
Production year: 2013
Directed by : Angela Tiger, John B.Root



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